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Alex Biagi’s love for the piano started to take shape at a very early age of six. He took his first lessons on the piano, but after a year he grew unhappy with them and retired from formal instruction. At that point Alex started learning songs by ear from his mother and sister. He played nearly every day for the next several years, and at age nine the scope of his hobbies broadened to include basketball, martial arts and soccer. This expansion of interests caused a large cutback in the amount of time he spent playing keys. However, before he finished his high school education, Alex started composing music when his brother gave him some music programs for his 17th birthday. Alex quickly learned and mastered these programs and started exploring new programs and plugins mastering each one as he went.

During his freshman year in high school, Alex suffered a major injury playing basketball and another a few years later when he was 21. Doctors diagnosed Alex with a rare condition called Spinal Stenosis that is typically seen in people age fifty plus. Despite his initial injury, Alex was determined to not let it slow him down. Eventually the stress on his back caught up with him and brought an onset of multiple injuries that required numerous surgeries on his knees. Alex knew his dream of becoming a professional basketball player was over and so he made his return to music, even starting to learn guitar after high school.

Alex discovered electronic music when he watched the movie ‘Hacker.’ One of the first songs to inspire him was a song featured in the movie called Halycon by a group called Orbital. Additionally, his coworkers at a local theatre were also fans of electronic music as well. Alex quickly felt the sway of this newfound style and started listening to mainstream artists like Moby, Fat Boy Slim, Crystal Method, Paul Oakenfield, Underworld, Paul Van Dyk and Darude to name a few.

Despite some early limitations on recording, he pressed on recording, nonetheless. After acquiring some software upgrades, Alex started composing trance and techno, with a strong focus on trance for many years. Today his music closer embodies progressive house, chill out, deep house and tech house styles. His current influences can be seen through the work of Booka Shades, Sebastian Leger, Alex Kenji, Lee Burridge, Mark Knight, Adam K, Deadmau5, Dirty South, Tiesto and many more.

A career change in 2000 left Alex in a position where he was able to start buying his own equipment and started constructing his new studio. In the same year he enrolled in college for Multimedia 3D Graphics and Design and took a few digital music classes on the side, introducing him to Logic and Garage Band software. After buying a brand new Power Mac G5 and Logic, Alex really started to consider a career in music.

Five years later Alex was diagnosed with a rare disease called CIDP. This disease attacks your nervous system eating away at the protective barrier of your nerves leaving your muscles severely weakened. It is similar to Multiple Sclerosis, but much rarer. The CIDP diagnosis was independent of the earlier back injuries; a new disease altogether… Then every artist’s worst nightmare came to fruition. The disease started to cause his hands to be difficult and eventually start to go numb. Due to the rarity of this disease – chances are 8 in 1 million – he was misdiagnosed in 2004 with carpal tunnel syndrome on both hands and elbows. After a month of unsuccessful physical therapy, Alex was sent to the world famous Mayo Clinic in Arizona and Minnesota where was finally diagnosed with CIDP. Today Alex has no use of his left hand and limited use of his right hand. He is still able to produce with his right hand and now writes music completely in midi since he can no longer can play the piano or guitar, and attributes his success in both music and battling the disease to his great family and awesome friends.

Despite all of the obstacles he’s faced so far, Alex hasn’t given up. After his CIDP diagnosis, he realized he needs something other than just producing music to fill his time. From this realization, Alex founded Addictive Vibe records. He met many artists on that he thought had serious potential and signed them on. The label launched in October of 2010 with 16 artists from all over the globe. Since then the label has grown to 26 producers and will continue to grow. The goal of Addictive Vibe Records is to find and share the music of artists all over the world.

On the side Alex also scores short films for a local film crew in Denver, Colarado called LA Motion Pix. Alex joined as a member of Elite Sync Lab which licensees music on behalf of an artist, leaving the possibility open that his music will appear in TV commercials, TV shows, movies or video games in the near future.

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