Hit Feeling Productions

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Owner, Head producer and composer at Hitfeeling ¬ Bazzmentaltrakz with great success with own acts and artists from Universal,Music, Warner music and other labels, signed 12 years with the major publishing companies like Universal Publishing, Warner Chappell Scandinavia and Sony. Having over 140 songs out on many artists albums, both in English and Spanish languages.

One SP Grammy as of best hip hop album, 2 revelation artists in Europe, and two 3 x Platinum albums with Artists at universal, as producer and Co-composer including 5 no 1 at main radio channels in France, Spain, Italy and Portugal.

Working with companies like Manga Films, Daewoon, BRB international as of Film and spot music.

Special feature as of designing artist making them sound different and by that having a chance in the rough but beautiful world of music and performance.

Special sound designer and a 5 instrument musician with 6 years at the Conservatory in Gothemburg, Sweden.

Also a mixing and mastering engineer.

Hitfeeling-Bazzmentaltrakz Official Webpage

Erik’s Showcase

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