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My name is Ryan Haynes and I’m a 22 year old Canadian musician currently residing in Ottawa, Ontario. I started producing original “songs” around five years ago. Now, working with Logic Pro 9, I create what I like to call “hybrids” of dubstep, worldmusic, house, trip-hop, and chillout. I want my songs to paint an image in your head, to feel the music, not just listen to it. That’s my mission.

I’m currently working with libraries such as JinglePunks.com, Crucialmusic.com, and Audiosparx.com and hope to land as many sync placements.

In mid 2011, I became involved in working with a collective of artists geared towards placing songs in the TV/Film area of entertainment. Elite Sync Lab is what we created.

Aside from that, I’m currently studying music at Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario and will continue to study there until early 2014.
Currently an Honour Roll student – Intro to Music Industry Arts

minayr's soundcloud

mInayR’s Featured Songs Showcase

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