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With over 10 years of music production experience – having tried his hand at everything from hip-hop to trance to electro and progressive house to drum & bass to dubstep to pop and everything in between – Sonaris strives to push the boundaries of electronic music through original sound design, unique structures and vibrant beats.

Sonaris’ music has been played at some of the best clubs around theworld (including 2009 & 2011 #1 US dance club, Beta Nightclub) and featured on countless DJ playlists.

At present time Sonaris produces a diverse portfolio of music – professionally, with several commercial projects under the belt via Addictive Vibe Records, through his production company, Sonaris Music. Producer, remixer, arranger and composer are all descriptions which fit Sonaris’ repertoire.

Sonaris is currently partnered with music distributors Music Just Music and Label Worx (via Addictive Vibe Records), Electric Love Records and Amplified Digital.

Sonaris has worked with – or done work for – such artists as:

dJessa – DJ & Vocalist (Trance / House / Pop) [Remix / Vocal Production]

Monika Jefferies – Vocalist, Solo Artist (Pop) [Original Vocal Productions]

Pixie Lott – European MTV VMA nominee, Solo Artist (Pop) [Unreleased Remix]

Associated Producers/DJs/Remixers/Colleagues:
axisONE, David Baker, Alex Biagi, Michael Mason, Phoakis, Pete Decastro, Draconum, Rob Fisher, Le Marque, Marshall Arnold, Jony S, James Sadoway (S&M), Lessov, Oskar Valentin, dJessa

Sonaris' Official Soundcloud

Sonaris’ Featured Songs Showcase

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