About Us

The scientists of all sound known to man are on the brink of synthetic destruction. With every single electron, neutron and proton, music is chemically bonded to the members of Eltie Sync Lab. Freezing fires with the cryogenics of bass and setting flames to frost with plasma synths, ESL is beyond common logic. All the elements combined, under any voltage or Fahrenheit, render useless to the capabilities of these sound shoalins. No one is ready for this caliber of desolation! Unleashing carnage unto mankind with the quarks of all musical forms is a grain of sand in the hourglass of havoc that is about to be broken all over the world!

If you didn’t understand the amazing text above don’t feel left out, as we run on a different wavelength within ESL. In general we are a group of dreamers, composers, musicians, and artists trying to capture the essence of the world via song. Our unique take on music and diverse styles make us a powerhouse within the licensing industry. Unlike production libraries, we don’t believe in quantity over quality. We use only the best talent from around the world with no limits on our creativity. We produce what we want, when we want, at prices that are affordable for all budgets. So if you’re tired of overinflated tracks and want something to pop and sizzle for your next venture, don’t hesitate to contact us.

–Got Music?–
Want to join the ranks? Please submit your music via mp3 to Elitesynclab@gmail.com. All tracks must be pre-cleared and ready to license. Accepting all genres so long as production is flawless and/or gradually shows improvement.

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The Scientists of Sound

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